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Our Products
data cables

Crimping Tool - RJ11 & RJ45

crimp tool
  • used to crimp RJ45 and RJ11 connectors
  • built in cutter blades provides wire stripping functionality


Krone punch tool CAT5 and RJ11

krone box
  • used for RJ11 Krone crimp appliations and CAT 5.


Network Probe for TC-NT2

net probe
  • Comprehensive signal tester for network professionals
  • Accurately tone trace and line test various voice and data cables
  • Quickly identify faulty cables with the tone indicator LED


All in one Network toool kit

pladin tool kit This kit is designed for today’s on-the-go LAN professional. It provides all the tools and testers you need to maintain your data, voice and video networks all in our Ultimate Tool Bag that’s always ready.
  • KT 8 Professional Cutter
  • Data SureStrip™
  • Ergonomic CrimpALL8000 Crimper Frame Only
  • RJ11/12 WE/SS Die, CrimpALL® 8000/1300 Series
  • Die for Crimp ALL 8000 & 1300 Series RJ45 & CATV
  • SurePunch® Pro PDT Handle Only
  • 110 Blade for SurePunch® & SurePunch® Pro PDTs
  • 66 Blade - SurePunch® & SurePunch® Pro PDTs
  • LAN ProNavigator™ Tester
  • Tone & Probe Plus Cable Check™
  • RJ45 Modular adapter (8-Way)
  • CATV "F" (female) to BNC (male) Adapter
  • Ultimate Tool Bag


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